Benefits to You

GeoMetrick Enterprises’ depth and breadth of experience in your industry is available to you.

Most LIMS projects focus too much on the collection and storage of data. But, if that’s all that happens, all you have is a lot of data—a Data Graveyard—a place where the data is sent to die and never be seen again. GeoMetrick Enterprises consults with you with the goal of transforming your data into meaningful information for making business decisions.

What sets GeoMetrick Enterprises apart is the ability to recognize problems in existing laboratory systems and the knowledge and can-do attitude needed to solve them. The benefits to your company are reduced risk, easier workflows, better integration with other systems and business units that need this information, and therefore, greater potential for increased profits and lowered costs.

Find competitive advantage in GeoMetrick Enterprises’ expertise:
Competitive Advantage: GeoMetrick’s Software Knowledge

Most LIMS software packages these days are incredibly complex and offer a tremendous variety of functions. Experienced consultants, like GeoMetrick Enterprises, have configured and/or customized many, many LIMS for various clients in different industries. GeoMetrick Enterprises has an unusually strong understanding of how each LIMS’ tool works, which has proven to be a clear advantage in determining the best way to approach a problem.

Competitive Advantage: GeoMetrick’s Process Knowledge

How a process fits in a LIMS is not usually obvious. In some cases, a software package might provide modules similar to the outside process, such as stability modules. But in other cases, it is not quite that clear. GeoMetrick Enterprises can determine the best way to handle a process issue, whether it’s as common as stability, or something much more specialized.

Competitive Advantage: GeoMetrick’s Experience

When you contract with GeoMetrick Enterprises, you receive all the advantages of our extensive experience in this field. A larger company may say that they have experience, but then assign people with relatively little experience to your project. As a result, you are faced with training these inexperienced people to bring them up to speed with your needs, how LIMS works, and even more importantly, how LIMS works at your company.

A good, experienced consultant—especially GeoMetrick Enterprises—is already knowledgeable about LIMS and your industry. GeoMetrick Enterprises hits the ground running, saving you much time, much money, and much effort. The potential for on-the-job problems is enormous when inexperienced people run the project. So, eliminate these risks—and costs—by taking advantage of GeoMetrick Enterprises’ experience and expertise.

After working for many years with customers in a wide variety of industries, GeoMetrick Enterprises is familiar with many of the contingencies and issues involved in LIMS. However, each project, even if it has similarities to the last one, tends to be different enough to provide a consultant with a learning opportunity. GeoMetrick Enterprises has learned to take the approach of reapplying learned knowledge while avoiding the dangerous cookie-cutter approach.

Take advantage of all that GeoMetrick Enterprises has learned to make your project run smoothly as it can, on budget, on time, and to spec.