It’s Raining Acronyms

Raindrops With LIMS, ELN and Other Acronyms Within the Raindrops

Do you sometimes feel as if it’s raining acronyms?

Well, you’re not alone. Here at GeoMetrick Enterprises, we’ll tell you right here and now that picking an acronym isn’t the way to find the right product for your laboratory because each product is unique. Before you even ask if you need all the acronyms, we can tell you absolutely and certainly that you don’t need ALL of them, maybe not even more than one of them.

You can go through the pain and agony of figuring out how to get the right product or you can hit our contact page and just get some relief by hiring us to work with you on this.

When it’s raining acronyms make GeoMetrick Enterprises your umbrella!

We can help you understand the difference between a LIMS and a LIS, a LIMS and a ELN, or an ELN and an LES. Contact us to get your “umbrella” of expertise.