What We Do

GeoMetrick Enterprises manages your entire LIMS process.

What does that mean? From the point when you ask, “What is a LIMS and do we really need one?” through selecting the system that best meets your needs with the least amount of configuration/customization, GeoMetrick Enterprises will work alongside you and your staff to determine what system best meets your needs at the optimum cost.

Then, we’ll implement your LIMS solution and do so in a way to optimize the features present for the cost incurred.

GeoMetrick Enterprises works with you every step of the way toward making your LIMS solution provide you with useful information.
Selecting and obtaining the right LIMS solution for your business

GeoMetrick Enterprises can advise you on selecting an appropriate LIMS for your particular industry. LIMS created for specific industries usually include functions needed in that industry or customer. For example, LIMS for pharmaceutical and biotech industries include drug stability capability, a clinical study module, or a dissolution testing function. A LIMS for tracking manufacturing quality might include an interface to ERP systems.

GeoMetrick Enterprises asks questions to determine the most straightforward, cost-effective, and painless way to meet your laboratory data needs, such as:

– How many laboratories are involved? How many people need to be supported?
– What resources are currently available in terms of time and expertise?
– Which of your current work processes are flexible?
– Are requirements and their priorities documented?
– What other requirements do you have besides functionality?

And that’s only the beginning. But with this information, GeoMetrick Enterprises can guide you in your LIMS selection so your first choice is the right choice.

Deploying and implementing LIMS

Our comprehensive implementation services include:
– LIMS Requirements Analysis
– LIMS Work-Flow Analysis
– LIMS Consulting
– LIMS Design Consulting
– LIMS Product Implementation
– LIMS Selection Investigation
– LIMS System Documentation

Developing and integrating COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) software

GeoMetrick Enterprises provides any necessary functionality modifications to configure/customize a new LIMS to work in your environment. The most important factors in custom programming are our breadth and depth of knowledge of LIMS products. GeoMetrick Enterprises understands the data structures and functionality of these systems.

Industries Served (A Partial List)

– Supported various dosage forms, such as tablet, capsule, powder, liquid, transdermal, and inhalers
– Contract Manufacturing, Contract Research and Virtual operations, as well as the standard in-house setups
Water Treatment (Commercial and Municipal)