What Makes Us Unique

Here at GeoMetrick Enterprises we do not merely provide services to implement LIMS, ELN and LES systems. We want them to end up as both usable and maintainable.

Let us ask you if you have heard of systems with these problems?

  • Do you have a LIMS with a great process but that has ongoing maintenance problems?
  • Are you confused about which acronym applies to what you need to purchase?
  • Do you have a well-maintained LES that the users find barely usable? Do they avoid using it?
  • Are you in the middle of a LIMS project that appears that it will never end? Does it appear that it will continue to cost yet more and more money?
  • Is your ELN considered “finished” but is lacking major components that would make the process practical?
  • You thought by using an Agile methodology that you would avoid the other LES project issues. Yet, sprint after sprint, do you make little to no progress?
  • Is your LIMS a “Data Graveyard”? Can you put plenty of data in but you can’t seem to get it back out, again, to make good use of it?

No Jargon and No “Easy” Solutions

Sales people love to come with packaged solutions where they talk about “best practices” and “turnkey solutions.” That actually sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But whose “best practices” are those? We can tell you this – they are not YOUR best practices. They might not even relate to your particular situation.

We don’t look to fool you into thinking this is going to be easier than it can be. Instead, we believe that you need to understand your process, the risks, the issues at-hand, and to make informed decisions based on your own products, processes and needs.

That’s how we help you avoid the problems listed above. Click here to contact us for more help.

Our Famous Blog: Out on a LIMS®

The GeoMetrick Enterprises Blog, “Out on a LIMS®: The Blog for People Who Risk Life and LIMS on a Daily Basis” applies to people across the industry and across the product lines.

This blog applies to you whether you have a new ELN or LES implementation or are a seasoned LIMS professional. There are articles that detail the basics and others that spark new ideas. This variety comes from working with a variety of people of different experience levels in various projects and many industries.

How We Got Here

Scientific Computing

Our owner began her career writing one-off computer programs for research scientists who were inventing new products and processes. These programs helped them evaluate their data.

LIMS Administrator

The next step was as a LIMS Admin on a multi-country system with large volumes of instrument data.


With a boom in the LIMS industry, she became a consultant and began working with the #1 LIMS, at the time, SampleManager. Using this product, she worked with many industries as a project manager, programmer and business analyst.

Starting the Business

Gloria had the opportunity to start her own business, what is now GeoMetrick Enterprises. In addition, she got the opportunity to learn the LabWare LIMS / ELN and has now worked with that product longer than all but a handful of people in the entire world (yes, really!).

Working With Customers

Over the years, the company has worked with customers in many industries, both regulated and non-regulated. From the Fortune 500 to the smallest individual-owned labs. From energy to pharma to consumer products.

Conference Chair, Media Sponsor, Articles, et al

Over the years, we have come up with more ideas and opportunities to participate in our industry. Gloria has been conference chair and written articles for many industry periodicals. GeoMetrick Enteprprises has been a media sponsor to some large conferences. We have looked for unique ways to participate in our industry and encourage better user understanding of the issues.

Winning Awards

After years of solid delivery of services to LIMS, ELN and LES customers, we began to be recognized by magazines such as “Global Health and Pharma.”

Yet More Services

We think it was our commitment to providing quality LIMS, LES and ELN services that helped us start providing services such as advice for legal teams that need an expert to guide the court in understanding system access. But if this came from winning all those awards, hey, we’re fine with that, too.

Not Resting on Our Laurels

Is this all just bragging? No, this is just the beginning. Our next great achievement is to add value to YOUR LIMS, ELN or LES.