There are two basic categories of LIMS consulting services. The first, and most common, is basically product selection and implementation work for customers. The second category is for LIMS software vendors and others who don’t fall into the first category.

LIMS Consulting Services for End Customers

Here is a roadmap of some of the LIMS consulting services a project needs. ELN and LES projects need these same services. GeoMetrick Enterprises will stay with the project, cradle-to-grave, to work with the resources involved to make the project a success.

The Inkling of a Project

At some point, someone wonders if they need to buy a LIMS. Then, they wonder if it should really be an ELN or an LES, possibly even a LIS. We work with you to get an idea whether you should move ahead and in which direction.

Product Selection Process

If you get beyond the “inkling” stage, you will start the selection process.
We can work on some portions of that for you to help you make better progress -or- we can lead this process and do the bulk of the work for you. For more details, see the “Product Selection” sections, below.

Project Preparation

Before a project begins, there is the budgeting, the buy-in, the timeline, and more. There is a great deal of prep work to do. We have project management experience, as well as experience in the entire process. We can work with you to get all the pieces in-place.

Project – Phase 1 Through End

No project should be done as one massive phase. Incremental work should be planned. For more information, see our “Implementation Services” section, below.


Once the major project is finished, the maintenance phase begins. Contrary to what some believe, this doesn’t mean no new features can be implemented. Maintenance is about more than upgrades and bug fixes. For more information, see our “Post Go-Live” section, below.

Product Selection: Process Steps

To select a new product, here are the basic steps you will take:

  • Gather your Requirements.
  • Prioritize your Requirements.
  • Rewrite and reformat your requirements into a request for proposal/quote format.
  • Start contacting vendors.
  • Turn your requirements into an RFP/RFQ (Request for Proposal/Request for Quote).
  • Weed out the vendors that truly don’t seem to be good fits for your requirements.
  • Send this RFP/RFQ to whomever is left.

Product Selection: Advice During the Process

We can work with you on all items in the last section. Specifically, here’s where we can help:

  • We can work with you to better understand what you need. Despite what might turn into a multitude of requirements, we will work with you to get clarity on what you need to accomplish.
  • We can help you traverse the industry acronyms (read why you should let us be your umbrella when “It’s Raining Acronyms.” There are cases where it’s not clear which type of system you need and we work with you to match your requirements to the various brands of software that are available.
  • We can manage the entire selection process or we can work on specific parts of it where you need an extra hand. In addition, we can provide guidance in any part of this process. Now, just as a little tip from us to you, it’s a lot of work on your end regardless what you do. You and your users have to participate in this process. No-one can pick a system for you.
  • When we work with you on the process, we will attend your vendor demos to help you evaluate what you’ve seen. That might be in-person or might be via web presentation software, depending on your situation.
  • We will help you rewrite your requirements in “request” format because you’ll need to change the requirements to questions. You probably already realize that changing “We need sample login.” to a request doesn’t mean merely changing it to “Do you have sample login?”

Implementation Services

We provide vertical LIMS consulting services to a project. That means that we can help at many levels not merely one “swim lane.” Here are examples:

  • We work with the project manager to help build the LIMS portion of the project schedule. We work with them to get the right pieces in place and in the appropriate order.
  • Being experts in the LabWare LIMS (for more information, see “LabWare LIMS: We’re the Experts” and on Thermo Fisher Scientific SampleManager, we can act as your data architect. We understand the database and features in order to ensure that all the modules and parts can properly fit together.
  • Likewise, we can be a Business Analyst / Developer combination. This means that we can gather information from users and also create technical solutions for it, then write the LIMS Basic and do the configuration for it.
  • Or, we can take what your own Business Analysts have gathered and do only the technical solution and programming/configuring portion.
  • On regulated projects, we can participate in the script resolution This is the situation where you use a technical expert to review errors that occur while running scripts to help determine whether there is a script error or a program bug (or something else).

Post Go-Live

Post go-live of your LIMS, ELN or LES implementation, it’s common that you’ll need more features.

We have the expertise to create a proposal for you that both works with what you need but also coordinate with what you already have. In addition, we’re experts on working with all types of budgets. Don’t be shy if you need the world built for two weeks of budget. You can’t get the world on two weeks of budget but we’ll come up with something that might get you closer than you’d think.

LIMS Consulting Services For Everyone Else

With our expertise in the business, other experts occasionally ask for our advice. Also, by those people who want to become experts. Here are some examples of non-customer services we’ve provided:

  • Software vendors with new products or new features who want an outside tester or opinion have used our services.
  • Software vendors wanting to get their product into a specific industry have had us review their software for a gap between the required features of the industry and what they actually have. We can create part or all of the list of features, depending on the industry and depending on the software vendor.
  • Our services have been used by legal firms for cases that involve LIMS, ELN or LES systems, especially involving those software brands in which we have expertise. We have not been asked to be expert witnesses. Instead, this is merely a way to provide technical support and/or advice so that everyone involved can better understand the details of how these systems are used.

Do You Fit Into Any Of These Categories?

Then don’t delay. Contact us for our LIMS Consulting Services, right now. You will end up in-contact with a bona-fide human being, we guarantee.