This is not the full list of industries that GeoMetrick Enterprises has worked with. However, it gives you an idea that we work with both regulated and non-regulated areas.


Just because something is wet and you drink it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a unique process compared to the next wet, drinkable product. We have worked with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to know the differences.

Laboratory benchtop.

Contract Labs and Manufacturing

Those labs that specialize in the testing that services other companies have special needs, such as billing and possibly a variety of reporting mechanisms. This is in addition to all the usual needs of a laboratory. When they’re manufacturing the products, they also have a variety of interim testing to consider.

Energy; colored light art in multiple colors; gold, red, green, blue.


Energy has many forms, and we specifically have worked with nuclear, fossil fuels and energy storage.

A bowl of oatmeal with raisins and coconut flakes.


When we think about a LIMS and its ability to help us manage the safety of products, food is a classic implementation opportunity. There is nothing that fits a LIMS better than a food quality control application.

Pharmaceutical capsules and tablets of varied shapes and colors.

Pharmaceutical / Biopharm

We have worked on both the regulated and the non-regulated sides of the pharmaceutical / biopharm lab. This covers many areas, such as drug metabolism, clinical, research and development, and quality control. We also understand some of the issues of varied drug forms, having worked with tablets, capsules, inhalers and patches,for example.

Pigeon drinking water from a pipe


Whether water is used for industrial purposes, in a municipal setting, or bottled and sold, we have worked with its labs. Whether it is consumable or waste water, we have worked with it.

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