This is a list of some presentations given by GeoMetrick Enterprises:

  •, “Demystifying the Puzzle: Making the Right Laboratory Informatics Choices for Your Organization”, September 2011.
    Invited Speaker
  • SmartLabs Exchange, September 2010.
    Advisory Board Member and Media Partner
  • Laboratory Data Management 2010, “COTS Software Projects: More Than Just Opening a Shrink-Wrapped Box”, September 2010.
    Invited Workshop Leader
  • ELN Forum, “Global Versus Local Implementation and Strategies”, September 2010.
    Invited Speaker
  • SmartLabs Exchange, “Demystifying the Puzzle: Making the right informatics choices for YOUR organisation”, March 2010.
    Invited Speaker, Advisory Board Member and Exchange Chair
  • 4th Forum on Lab Informatics, Workshop, “Outsourcing Testing — How it Complicates LIMS and ELN Processes”, March 2009.
    Invited Speaker
  • Pittcon 2009, Oral Session, “Three Reasons That LIMS/LI Projects Fail”, March 2009.
  • SmartLabs Exchange 2009, Workshop, “Driving efficiency and optimising your workflows: Leveraging LIMS to transform your data into compliant accessible knowledge.”, March 2009.
    Invited Speaker
  • SmartLabs Exchange 2009, Panel Discussion Member, “Don’t let your data management systems become a data graveyard: Leveraging LIMS to bring your data to life”, March 2009.
    Invited Speaker
  • Pittcon 2007, Oral Session, Laboratory Informatics For Managers, “Three Issues With LIMS/Laboratory Informatics Consulting That Cost You Money”, March 2007.
  • MBAA (Midwest Business Administration Association) International – Safeguarding the Public: Responsible Business Practices, Ethical Behavior, and Fraud Prevention, Marketing Section, “RFID: A Technology and Its Issues,”, March 2005.
  • Pittcon 2004, Oral Session, Laboratory Informatics: Project Management, “Preparing for Purchase,”, March 2004.
  • The Fifth Annual European LIMS Forum, LIMS As a Business Solution Across the Enterprise, “Successful Approaches to LIMS Selection,”, October 2003.
    Invited Speaker and Discussion Panel Member
  • BSWC (Brown, Smith, Wallace, LLC) DSC (Distribution Solutions Council) Teleconference, “The Struggle for Perfect Software”, September 2003.
    Invited Speaker
  • Pittcon 2003, Oral Session, Laboratory Informatics: LIMS Implementation and Application, “The Phased Approach to LIMS Implementation”, March 2003.