This is a partial list of services GeoMetrick Enterprises can provide to you.

Implementation Services for Specific Products

Some of the Products We Work With

The Services We Provide for Them

  • Business Analysis
  • Configuration
  • Customization (Programming)
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • For the LabVantage system, we specialize in the move from versions 6/7 to 8. When you upgrade this system and you have all those odd little differences to deal with, we have dealt with most of them, already. We can help you determine what is broken versus what has merely changed. Most of our experience is with the biobanking platform but most of the changes you can expect apply to the entire system.

Other Services

  • Product Selection (Being Your Umbrella When It’s Raining Acronyms on You) – we select from products throughout the industry not necessarily the ones listed above that we implement.
  • Strategic Product Planning – when you need multiple products, we can help you determine how many different products you really need and how they fit together in order to minimize the total number of products you will need to implement and maintain.
  • Services to Software Vendors – Over the years, GeoMetrick Enterprises has worked with software vendors to talk about potential markets for their products, critical missing features needed in their products in order to compete in the market and other activities. Software vendors occasionally want to talk to us about writing marketing content for them and we are open to this discussion.